The architecture of this system

Client-side Arrows AJAX Web app Arrows SOAP Web service Arrows (directly) Back-end
Web interface for task scheduling and visualization of flow shop execution. Connects to the web application mainly via AJAX requests. Uses jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap. Traffic stats are collected with Google Analytics. Web app built with Ruby on Rails. "Wraps" AJAX requests into SOAP envelope (by Savon gem) and passes to the WS. Deployed to the Heroku cloud, running on the Unicorn server.
Bartosz Janota developed automated web tests with Selenium WebDriver. The suite is publicly available at Bitbucket and ready to launch with a single mvn test.
SOAP web service, implemented in Scala with JAX-WS. Offers Web API, which enables enqueueing flow shop tasks, checking progress and partial results for ongoing tasks and retrieving result for the complete ones. Employs Scala actors to implement asynchronous task scheduling and execution. Hosted on Heroku cloud (at Cuckoo search algorithm implemented in Java by Przemysław Burczyk, Bartosz Janota, Aleksander Książek and Piotr Mikoda. A detailed description may be found here. Thanks to Java/Scala bytecode compatibility, back-end is simply stored as a part of the web service.

Front-end sources at GitHub

WS & back-end sources at GitHub